Example code and little scripts

Given how much help I’ve gotten from some people’s random pages talking about their experience with this library or that and often posting little examples I’ve been thinking about trying to put more of my random experimentation on the web.

I’ll do this because I’ve gotten so much help from similar posts by other people. My feeling is the little scripts demonstrating something are probably more useful to folks than trying to package up and publish entire frequently obsolete or broken applications.

I have a lot of little, unreleased, unpublished, unfinished scripts and programs. Some of them represented a start of something big, some of them were finished enough to be useful to me and that’s it, and a few were just little experiments to play with a library.

Every few years I get the urge to publish this stuff, and each time it never goes anywhere because I stall out on how to organize the web pages for it. Without being able to come up with a way to organize the web pages, I never quite get around to actually writing the descriptions or posting anything.

So I’ll make blog posts. The two most recent posts about Watcher preferences storage and worker threads represent the kind of thing I’m talking about. Maybe someday I’ll collect them up into a web site or maybe I won’t, but at least they’ll be written up somehow. Even if nobody else benefits, I’ll get practice writing with an audience in mind.