I’ve cancelled my World of Warcraft account. I advise anyone considering getting WoW to wait until they get it to work. WoW apparently was more stable during the beta.

Because of they handle refunds (they don’t give them), I’m paid up through 2/4. If it works by then I may re-subscribe, but if not…

I don’t know anything about running or building an MMORPG. I do know something about building a service a lot of people depend on and having it work.

WoW’s stability is unacceptable. I could handle the instability (to a point) but I can’t accept the rollbacks —when I do a quest or kill some minions or run around all over the place to deliver some whatzit to some guy, and then the server crashes and I’m back before any of it happened.

It’s one thing to not be able to play, but it is quite another for it to look like I can play, but then it turns out none of it ever happened.