Free Perforce

Some time between when I last looked and now Perforce changed the license on their free version to ‘2 users, 5 client workspaces’ from ‘2 users, 2 client workspaces’. Having 5 workspaces is probably enough for me. Given I’ve been sorely tempted in the past to just pay for it for my own source trees, being able to 5 workspaces in the free Perforce may let me just switch to that.

You can download and use any Perforce software product free. All Perforce software you download is fully functional, with the exception of the Perforce Server, which allows only two users and five client workspaces when used without a license. A Perforce license enables the Perforce Server to support more users and an unlimited number of workspaces. It also entitles you to Perforce Technical Support

Update 10/2012: It turned out that 5 workspaces was actually a huge problem and while I installed Perforce and used it for a while it did not stick. Nowadays I use git.