Make a decision

You’ve got a choice to make. You’ve carefully written down the various attributes you care about and how well each choice lines up with those attributes. You’re having a hard time making a decision because with the information you have now they all look very similar. One of the following is true:

  • You’re missing attributes with which to evaluate the choices, attributes which would differentiate the choices for you
  • You’re incorrect about how well the choices match your evaluate criteria
  • There really is no difference between the choices given information you can have now (ruling out somehow getting future knowledge)

Don’t discount the possibility that the situation is the last one. Due diligence is important but don’t block forever waiting for some flash of information that will never come. Don’t discount the opportunity cost of not making the decision and moving on to the next thing to do – sometimes that outweighs any potential cost caused by picking the worst possible choice among those you have selected. Never spend more energy on a decision than the cost of being wrong.