I wrote (the first version of) the LambdaMOO FileIO patch a long time ago, but I didn’t use it for very long and haven’t been the maintainer for a long time.

The link I had to the current version is dead.

toaststunt is a LambdaMOO fork which includes what appears to bea modern version of FileIO. I have not used it.


MOO Server Software I’ve written two LambdaMOO server extensions. ext-xml – This I still use. It’s part of the server I run today. fileio – This I haven’t used in a very long time, and haven’t been the maintainer of the patch for nearly as long. I do not have the current version of the source. The source for the server that Waterpoint runs is available on GitHub at wp-lambdamoo. This includes both the modern version of the ext-xml patch as well as the other patches to stock LambdaMOO Waterpoint uses: [Read More]

Software for LambdaMOO

What is LambdaMOO? LambdaMOO is a MUD server. You can read more about it on the LambdaMOO server home page. It is essentially a programmable chat server. That simplifies things a bit since one could write non-chat networked applications on top of LambdaMOO. “MOO” is just a shorthand way to refer to LambdaMOO. LambdaMOO is also the name of a MUD that uses the LambdaMOO server. LambdaMOO, the MUD is at lambda. [Read More]